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Horse Racing Trainer

Horse Racing Trainer Qualifications
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Professional Employment

Summer of 1983
Cherry Valley Training Center
Cherry Valley, California
Began to gallop my first race horses on the training center for Harold Hodash, and my Father, Alfred Aukema.

Summer of 1983
Fairplex Racetrack
Pomona, California
Cleaned stalls for various stables, groomed, walked hots etc. Continued to do so for the following three years.

March 7, 1986
Fairplex Racetrack
Pomona, California
Received first exercise license. Galloped for Claire Juarez (trainer), Henry Cordova (trainer), and Alfred Aukema (trainer). Many other freelance outfits.

January 10, 1989
Kerr Stock Farm
Moreno Valley, California
Galloped two-year-olds and older horses six days a week; responsible for weanling checks on a daily basis; this entailed checking them for any injuries and any weight loss or colic. Assisted in the breeding barn. Helped with breeding of mares and the up keep of the mares to be bred, such as grooming and clipping on a monthly basis. Assisted the full-time grooms with stalls and any help that they may have needed. Basically, my job involved galloping the horses assigned to me, assisting trainers with the treadmill and then going to all the weanling pastures and doing rounds on the babies. Then assisting in breeding and broodmare barn if needed.

January 6, 1990
Beaver Community College
Center, Pennsylvania
Finished next three semesters of sciences and received an AA degree in professional studies of science.

September 3, 1990
Pittsburgh University
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Studied professional sciences. Finished one semester of Psychology, Sociology, English Composition I, Anatomy I, and Philosophy.

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