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Race Horse Jockey Keith Austin

Thoroughbred Jockey Profile:

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  Keith & Grandpa Joe LaMonte

Race Horse Jockey Keith Austin: I was born into the horse racing industry. My mother has been a top quality racehorse groom for over 28 years. One of the great horses she groomed was "Ingot's Ruler", who captured Grass Horse of the Louisiana Downs meet and was a multiple stakes winner.

My father has been a top quality thoroughbred groom for over 15 years. He groomed the filly "Fly Jane Fly" when she captured her first stakes win of $100,000.00. After my father left that stable to pursue a more challenging stable of horses to rub, the filly never won another stakes race. My father has an exceptional record with rubbing crippled thoroughbreds.

My grandfather is "Joe LaMonte", who was a race horse jockey for more than 20 years and won more than 1700 races in his career. Joe LaMonte had been a leading rider seven times and was never out of the top ten in the rider standings. He rode with the legendary "Eddie Arcaro" and learned a lot from him. Eddie was said to be my grandfather's mentor. He retired from thoroughbred horse racing 21 years later. After retiring as a race horse jockey, he pursued his career as a trainer and trained all over the United States. Twenty years later he became my agent before retiring from the racing industry due to illness.

I take pride in my family and I owe much of the education I received in the Thoroughbred Racing Industry and the Thoroughbred racehorse to my family.