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Racehorse Trainer, Chandra Rennie: I have ridden in more than 1,100 races, and I have felt my share of broken bones, bumps and bruises. I have an exquisite talent with all types of race horse personalities. As an example, I once won eight races on a one-eyed horse who had had a prior reputation of being a killer. I never had a problem with the horse. I have since moved onto training, constantly researching methodology, medical treatments, and training regimens of different trainers for differing types of horses.

I maintain a long strain of patience with horses, and I require the same patience of my riders, grooms, and exercise personnel. I have much personal pride in my work, while demanding quality and accuracy from my team. I feel that if you give the horse 100%, that the horse will give it all back in return. I strive for perfection and professionalism as evidenced by the fact that my seventh lifetime starter at Rockingham Park, well, of course, won. Prior to my training, the horse was running in claiming races, and when I trained and later entered him into the "Maiden Special Weight", he ran second. Three weeks later I entered him in the same race, which he won with ease. He later ran third in the handicap, and the next three times he ran he won all his conditions. I took this claimer and made him show his real talent with the means of attentive, quality training.

There isn't a horse I can't handle. I invite the challenge. I stay up to date on the latest equine athletic breakthroughs and scientific findings that pertain to the racing industry.

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