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Thoroughbred Partnerships

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Thoroughbred partnerships and racehorse syndicates are offered by the Horse Racing Firm There isn't anything relating to the business of Race Horses that we are not willing to do. Naturally, our primary function is training race horses, but we consider ourselves a full-service operation. Do you have a race horse that you would like us to train? Do you share our philosophy that a horse has a right to proper nutrition, proper training, proper shoeing (yes, that's right, shoeing DOES make a huge difference, and we have the BEST shoer, thank you!), and proper equipment. Geesh, you may say, enough "proper" already. Good. Clarity is my goal. We will train your horse to its best performance, but, you the owner, must be willing to listen to what we have to say regarding the care and training of your horse. That is not to say that we are omnipotent Gods wanting to take away any of the excitement obtained by having you actively involved in the training and, hopefully, winning of your race horse. Of course we want to hear from you and have you as an active participant. Let us help you win.

Thoroughbred Syndicates:

You may be asking, well, do you want to co-own a horse with me? No problem. A contract will be signed, and it is completely negotiable. "What about those "cyber" stables I have heard about?", you may be asking. Yes, we can arrange to set up a 'cyber' stable where several individuals own a percentage of the horse. This does allow us to buy more horse, and it allows you to offset your monthly costs considerably. Of course, obviously, your returns are considerably offset in addition. My preferred method of dealing with multiple ownerships is to set up a limited liability corporation (limitless shareholders vs. 35 with an S corporation), like many real estate ventures form. This limits everyone's personal liability and is easily scheduled to your personal income tax statements. However, a special contract will need to be formed, and, of course, the limited liability corporation ($500 registration fee in Illinois).

Do you offer consulting? Yes, we do. We will give you our personal opinion on what horses may be good buys, what basic training methods to use, etc. We will not, however, tell you what we use to make our horses the best. Yes, we do "supplement" our horses, and I consider the combination of these supplements one of my secrets to our success. Remember, I told you that I know a bit of physiology, and I read both equine and human literature on the subject. This information, combined with the expertise I have gained since a child, and topped off with Keith Austin's family's whipped cream, provides a mighty tasteful morsel.

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