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Thoroughbred Training Stables at Fairmount

Thoroughbred training stables the Horse Racing Firm, realize that it is not cheap to train and race your own racehorse. That's why we are making this offer. We want you to win so badly that we are willing to offset the training bill by 50%. Here is what we mean. Sign a three month contract with the Horse Racing Firm, and we will make the following guarantee: If your race horse does not show any profit at the end of the first month of training, you will receive a 50% discount on the trainer's portion of the monthly trainer's profit. We have estimated that we make about $330 a month for each thoroughbred we have in training. Considering the amount of time each racehorse takes to properly train, this already is a meager wage to earn. But if you don't make any money with your race horse, well, why should we? That's right. We will only charge you a measly $165 a month for your racehorse for each month you do not show a profit. Show us ANY other firm that will make that offer. They are just not to be found. Until now, that is. Our Trainer and Jockey are so confident in their abilities that they feel comfortable extending you the same confidence. Come join our team, and we will show you how to make money in the racehorse industry. But this is a limited time offer. We can not just make this offer indefinitely because then we would not be able to afford to offer the quality time your horse needs to make it to the winner's circle. All right. What if your racehorse does not win or make a profit in the second month of training? No problem! We will only charge you the $165 training fee that month too. Wow. You have just saved $330, and we have just worked hard for a meager wage for two months in a row. But your horse has now been under our professional training for two months, and we are still very confident that we can make your horse a winner. So now we will extend the offer to the third and final month of contract. We are sure that you do not like losing, and we surely don't feel receptive on "losing" $330 either. And we certainly aren't interested in losing another $165 this month. So you can bet that we are working our butts off to get your race horse to win. But if your horse wins this time, we want to share in your success. Instead of the traditional 10% fee of the winner's purse, our firm is asking for 25%. "So that's the catch", you exclaim. Yes, we do share the paradigm, "nothing is ever free", but we still think that this effectively reduces your risk and places the burden of training your horse to win to involve our own pocketbooks, just where it should be.

At the Horse Racing Firm, we strive everyday to make our owner's realize the magic of thoroughbred racing. Until now, that magic was reserved for the lucky or elite born to the sport. But now you can share the glamour and excitement that comes with the throughbred racehorse while minimizing your risks. Act now, save up to 50% on your training fee, and sit back and enjoy watching your racehorse become a winner at the track.